Program Details

  • 5% down to $510,400 loan amount (5% to $765,500 in select counties)
  • 10% down to $1.25MM loan amount
  • 20% down to $2MM
  • Single family, condominiums, and townhomes.  ( We have 2 unit options as well).
  • Close up to 6 months from start date of new contract (if exiting residency or fellowship.  Exception required)
  • Down payment, reserves, and closing costs can be gifted from family with no seasoning requirements
  • Lender credit for .25% of the loan amount up to $1,000 for opening platinum checking account.
  • Low loan fees
  • Lot, construction, and remodel loan also available.
  • Loan Recast Option: you may apply a 10% principle reduction to your principal loan and we will re-amortize your loan (perfect when you are selling a home after you close and want to apply your proceeds to the new purchase!)


Physician loans are different animals.  They have different rules and qualifying criteria.  No feeling is worse than not qualifying for the loan after you’re pre-approved. It makes for a REALLY bad day and a big mess.  All of the loan officers listed on this blog specialize with doctors ONLY. They are battle tested, seasoned, and recommended by your peers. Give them a call!

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